GIVE US OUR DOCTOR BACK! Stop Duzimed from taking away my rights to use Dr. Munsamy.

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Good Doctors are hard to come by, many people feel that they have found one, Dr.
Vishelan Munsamy.

As a family, we met Dr Munsamy at Duzimed and very quickly developed a relationship with this Doctor. Although he was employed at Duzimed, we chose him in his person as our Doctor not the facility of Duzimed.

When Duzimed did not renew his contract, Dr Munsamy started his own practice. Duzimed, however, is trying to force a restraint of trade on him, forbidding him to open a practice within 5km of Duzimed. While it might sound like a small distance, 5km's actually takes him outside of Pietermaritzburg. He currently has been forced by the courts to stop practising from his rooms in Boshoff street in Pietermaritzburg.

As a patient, I have rights too. I feel the courts have overlooked my rights to have a doctor I trust to treat me. I suffer from a rare syndrome and he is one of the only doctors who bothered to research it so that he could treat me correctly. When I called Duzimed to ask where he moved to, they refused to tell me and in doing this they prevented my right to continuation of care.

Today I needed to see the doctor and he was closed, today my rights were violated. Yes, I could have gone to any doctor, but I wanted to go to my doctor whom I trust.

I want my rights respected and I want to see the doctor of my choice and not have to have him move his practice outside of Pietermaritzburg. That is unfair to me on so many levels.

Personally, I feel that the whole issue has left a bitter taste in my mouth. I have no desire to ever utilise Duzimed as a practice ever again!

I am asking if you feel the same about the fact that you can no longer see Dr Munsamy by joining me in signing this petition and try fight to have his doors open once again. Let's use our collective voice to show Duzimed that by pursuing this course of action, all of us will lose respect for the Duzimed brand. Show them that their actions equate to "bad business" and in one voice demand that they leave our doctor alone!

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