Give Seaside Community Charter Beaches School a grades 6-8th Charter immediately.

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A mother’s plea:
Seaside Community Charter school celebrates and encourages my son’s uniqueness and instructs him on his studies. Seaside has remained a constant for our community and is an A/B graded school. By NOT allowing our middle school charter- DCPS is displacing 66 children. Thats 66 children being punished for what appears to be a simple misunderstanding on deadlines and procedures ?

Our school motto speaks words like kindness and everyone belongs and they DO! With the epidemic of bullying in the school system: Seaside stands in unity to raise our children up - safe and protected from bullying. Bullying is an epidemic but not at our little school and NOT with our children. They’re thriving members of the Duval County Community. They have respect for one another. Seaside is not only instructing my child educationally but assisting me in raising him to be a good, moral, upright member of society. Seaside allows my child to grow in his own uniqueness. They don’t exclude him based on his special needs or his Jewish heritage, his big brown eyes or some things only his best friends know. They CELEBRATE him.

They allow him to be a child at a time when society and the world is attempting to corrupt him with social issues, sexual deviation, bullying, being different, substance abuse and a myriad of other things that would ruin his chances at a “normal childhood.” My son will be 14 in January. The thought of him being in a traditional Public school scares me! We’ve been at Seaside since it opened it’s doors at Jacksonville Beach when he was in second grade. He just finished his 6th grade year at Seaside with full expectation that he’d be returning to the place he calls home for grades 7th through 8th. Unfortunately, as we just were advised, he doesn’t have that security any longer. The place where walls aren’t necessary because Seaside offers him the world may now? has now been taken from him: WITHOUT his input and without his or my permission. The bottom line is DCPS has the ability to extend Seaside’s charter for grades 6-8th so why don’t they do it? This has been a hard lesson as to what happens when adults- who don’t know my son or my son’s adoration for HIS school- take away his right to receive a QUALITY education at the very institution that is all he’s ever known in his young life.

With all due respect to the difficulty of your job, I beg you: Please give my son back his school. Without doing so, you are responsible for wiping away years of investments that the Seaside staff has done for my son and his classmates education. A child is not simply a child. He and the other children deserve to be treated with respect and honor. They deserve to have their voices heard even if only to when they tell you how Seaside is their world.

Thank you. Pls reach out to Dr Greene or any board member to hear this plea. Please DCPS: give us our grades 6-8th Charter at the beaches as you did our San Jose location. 

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