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Hi, my name is Jayla Caldwell I am a 17 year old BLACK senior at Robert E Lee Highschool in Jacksonville Florida. I am calling for not only the name change of our school but also the bringing back of my teacher ms Amy Donofrio. For the past few weeks my school has been going through name change meetings and there has been a lot of racial and social tension during school hours and especially during those meetings. There have been people to say things like “Jesus told slaves to obey their masters” and “if there are problems at this school how long as it been predominantly African American” And many other disgusting racist things. 

At my school we have this AMAZING teacher Ms. Amy Donofrio who has done nothing but support and push any child she came across for the best. She has always advocated for racial equality and social justice since before I even entered highschool. Ms Donofrio was the light in the darkness for so many students. she would have food in her classroom that she payed for out of her pocket so she could feed students when they hungry. She was a safe space for everyone she came across. Ms Donofrio cared about the students so much she started a program called EVAC. “EVAC empowers youth to channel painful personal tragedies into positive change. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, our efforts began in our public high school leadership class when we realized our shared experiences with tragedy, racism and violence…and desired change. We began by inviting police officers to class for youth-led roundtables. These in-class discussions quickly led us to meet and have our voices heard by President Barack Obama, Harvard University, and the US Department of Justice.” Taken Directly from the page she has touched the lives of many students and on Wednesday March 24, Lee Admin Ripped her BLM flag that she has had on over the class room door since October after Marching next to it in  February in a peaceful protest. That same day they had BANNED and SUSPENDED the last hope for change and safety for the kids at that school. I am asking anyone reading this to have a heart and fight for us to bring our light at the end of the tunnel back to our school. Please and Thank you.