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"The waiver was a simple integrity check to prove who is walking the talk on the issue of corruption.”- Duterte

“If the candidates have nothing to hide, they’ll have no problem signing the document. But if they refuse to sign, they not only betray their sincerity in fighting corruption but also put to serious question how much they have accumulated and the source of their wealth.”- Cayetano

“It’s like this. If Trillanes wants to find something of fault with me, tell him, ‘Go somewhere else and fly a kite"- Duterte

“In the same manner that if he wants to get evidence, do not get it from my mouth. You must be stupid, even if it is true or false. Why would I give you the pleasure?”- Duterte

The Filipino people deserve transparency and honesty. You won because of your promise to end corruption. Now the only thing we're asking for is for you to sign a waiver to open your bank accounts. Stop hiding behind legalities being the lawyer that you are. Not for anything, just for transparency to the people you serve. Don't give us the alibi that you just don't want to give in to Trillanes' request. That's a lame excuse coming from a President. I know how Panelo and your supporters said that you've alreay issued a waiver back in 2016, which, until now is still valid. Please stop deceiving people. That waiver you issued is only for the current balance and not the transaction history. You could have easily withdrawn or transferred the funds to someone else's account. If you care so much about "your people", "your country", like you always say you do. Prove us by being transparent. Prove us by signing the waiver. Duterte Father and Son, we urge you to sign the waiver.


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