End gerrymandering in Dutchess County

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On May 13, 2019, several members of the Dutchess County Legislature put forward a local law to end the practice of county legislators drawing their own district maps. Instead of creating their own gerrymandered districts, the legislature would delegate the power to create the new map to an independent bipartisan/nonpartisan commission.

The seven member commission would have two members selected by Democrats, two by Republicans and the remaining three members would have to be agreed upon by a majority of those four initial members. Once formed, the commission would take public input and create a redistricting plan based on specific criteria (population equity, compactness, contiguity and municipal/institutional boundaries) without consideration of political impacts, voting patterns or party registrations.

In an effort to prevent repeal by a future legislature seeking to redraw the map for political advantage, the proposed law would trigger a public referendum this November to enact the law. Any future attempts to repeal would be seen as thwarting the will of the people.