Democratize the Dutchess County Democratic Committee-- Stop Crazy Rushed Endorsements Now

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de·bate (dəˈbāt) noun: a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward
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Please sign this petition if you agree with intrepid/gutsy/awesome Town of Poughkeepsie Democrats Doreen Tignanelli and Gina Klein that the rushed/currently scheduled vote by the Dutchess County Democratic Committee regarding the Tyner/Smythe primary vs. Sue Serino for state Senate (41st s.d.) for March 1st should be postponed for at least a few months-- until the many hundreds of Dutchess County Democratic Committee members (and other local residents) have more opportunity to see/hear Joel and Karen debate openly and publicly-- and get their questions answered in an open setting by Joel and Karen (nothing personal with Karen Smythe, but she is largely an unknown quantity to quite a few Dutchess County Democratic Committee members; she has not at all been involved in county Dem politics; many county Dems don't know her at all).

Here in Dutchess County, home to the incredible and inspiring legacy of Eleanor and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, we in the Dutchess County Democratic Committee owe it to ourselves and everyone to live up to the high democratic principles, values, and example set by FDR and Eleanor.

Pass it on (note as well-- this petition only applies to this race-- not other races).

 Info: 845-464-2245/876-2488 

[Dutchess County Democratic Committee member Anita Fina Kiewra agrees-- "It is wrong for the committee to endorse so early. Our town committee has stated such in as many words. We were over-ruled."]

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[letter here below sent by Joel to Dutchess County Democratic Chair 2/26; thus far (33 hours later at time of this petition's creation) there has been no response to Joel from county Dem power structure: why?]

From: Joel Tyner <>
Subject: Elisa— so that neither my primary opponent nor I have an unfair advantage from access to county Dem committee info, pls share info equally....
Date: Feb 26, 2018 12:21 PM

Hi Elisa:

Several weeks ago I sent you an email letter requesting contact info for all Dutchess County Democratic Committee members.

It is now about a month since I made that request; the list I got from our county Board of Elections is not a full or complete list— you have not shared that information with me.

This Thursday the DCDC will be voting as to whether to endorse me or my primary opponent in the race for the Democratic nomination in the 41st state Senate district.

You recently entertained my primary opponent at a meeting of the Dutchess County Democratic Committee Executive Committee— I was not invited to attend any of those meetings.

Immediately after I announced my candidacy, I reached out to contact you on this— you literally took weeks to respond to me— and did so, eventually, only to let me know that county Dem power structure leaning towards my primary opponent (who, I might add, has never even run for any elected office whatsoever— let alone state Senate).

In spite of my currently being an eight-term county legislator, 22-year veteran of our county Democratic Committee, and endorsed in this state Senate race by many current and former elected officials (I announced my candidacy many weeks before my primary opponent did), it truly seems that my campaign and I are being put at a distinct disadvantage here by not having the same access to contact information for county Democratic Committee members— and also by not being invited (unlike my primary opponent) to join you all for a Dutchess County Democratic Committee Executive Committee meeting.

Countless principals and superintendents told me to my face in the 90s that my running against Steve Saland back then for state Senate prevented them from hiring me to teach here in Dutchess County— so I was forced to get a teaching job in the Bronx (one which I had to quit after being elected to our County Legislature in order to attend Budget, Finance, and Personnel Committee meetings— taking a fifty percent pay cut for doing that).

I have honestly given it my all— my whole heart, blood, sweat, and tears to serving in the public interest the people of Dutchess for 25 straight years now— the first ten as a community activist; the last 15 as a county legislator.

For the last fifteen years as you know I have been one of only a small handful of Democratic county legislators here in Dutchess willing to do the actual work of developing and researching ideas, drafting and submitting resolutions, and building countywide coalitions across party lines to get many of them passed.

Sadly, the treatment of me and my campaign for state Senate for the last few months now has been all too reminiscent of the DNC’s blatantly unfair treatment of Bernie Sanders just a few years ago.

I’m sorry I don’t have a corporate background or extensive ties to well-connected wealthy and powerful folks in Albany— but frankly, hasn’t the Democratic Party (and all of us, in fact) has just a bit too much of that?

What are you trying to do to my campaign— and why?

People are watching— have been watching all of this Tammany-Hall-type smoke-filled-back-room politics. And let me tell you something. They don’t like it.

The Dutchess County Democratic Committee— and all of our county, frankly— deserve better. Far better.

Joel Tyner, County Legislator (Clinton/Rhinebeck), 324 Browns Pond Road, Staatsburg, NY 12580