Transportation Discount for International Students

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Make international Students feel more at home. 

There are currently about 122,000 international students studying in the Netherlands today, and these students are no stranger to adversity. Moving to an entirely new country is a big challenge. International students also face unclear and complex visa processes, rising and sometimes completely unpredictable tuition rates, limited ability to work, and difficulties finding accommodation due to language barriers.

According to European Statistical Office Eurostat, the Netherlands has the most expensive public transportation in comparison to the 27 countries in the European Union. International students in the Netherlands don't have any kind of discount for transportation. While on the other hand, Dutch students travel for free using any medium of transportation (buses, trains, trams, metros). Most students live on a budget, but also want to have fun. Visiting other cities on the weekend and moving freely without worrying about train tickets and spending too much, can boost up the energies of international students and motivate them to finish their degrees, and hopefully, leading to higher and better performance. Doing so can also attract new international students to choose to study in the Netherlands and enjoy student benefits. 

Sign this petition and support international students in the Netherlands. 

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