We demand recognition of students rights and needs by DUT management

We demand recognition of students rights and needs by DUT management

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Started by Hope Ndwandwe

We want actual dates of allowances to be released on time

We want higher certificates students to be absorbed to diploma qualifications

We want private accommodation allowances to be credited to students, not students

We want conducive residences

We want to be allocated on time, not when it suites the housing department 

We want everyone facing financial exclusion to be taken into consideration (N+2 rule)

We are against this thing of classes being held online but assessments/tests/quizzes taking places on campus

We want to be given data bundles on time and collectively, not when classes have long since begun

We want everyone whos blocked and not coded to be assisted accordingly, NO STUDENT SHALL BE LEFT BEHIND

We want the commencement of classes to stop, as there are still people who are not allocated to their respective residences and some are not even able to register online because of multiple ridiculous reasons, WE WANT FAIR EQUALITY EDUCATION

We want the management of DUT to be reviewed, we need capable leaders who are not racist and do not practice barbaric actions such as setting off security officials on students and lay charges on them 


We want to be heard, our voices as a collective are valid. We want our concerns to be considered, we are just young adults trying to achieve their dreams and get a better life for their families. OUR CRIME IS BEING BLACK! We will not back down until we are heard, we'll fight until the end as a UNITED FONT

1,563 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!