Dustbin in every coach of Local trains #swach_bharat

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 I have not been to more cities so I am specially talking about the local trains of kolkata, and as well in the long distance trains. It really hurts when people throw garbages out of windows in train.

Personally I put all waste in a bag and throw it in a dustbin at my point of disembarkation. and I think a huge number of people do this. But, the number of this category of people is very low, at most 30%?  and we can't expect everyone to do this, because it takes a lot of time to change the mindset of the people. I have tried to stop them for doing this, and request them to keep the garbages with them and throw the garbages in the dustbins while they get down. But they don't listen and we can't argue and fight with them for this.

We have seen every railway station has dustbins and but what about the garbages that are thrown near the thousands kilometers of railway tracks. which can't be cleaned. The only solution is to provide dustbins in every compartments.

So I request the Govt Authority to provide Dustbins in each rail compartments, though it is there in some of long distance trains but not in all. This can help in reducing environment pollution and reduce piling of junk near the railway tracks.