Dublin Students Deserve Equitable Academic Choices

Dublin Students Deserve Equitable Academic Choices

December 4, 2020
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Dear Superintendent Moirao and Board of Trustees,

DUSD should give students the same opportunities as other school districts, to take courses of their choosing from a wide range of accredited educational  institutions, for advancement, and meeting graduation requirements.

Currently, DUSD only incorporates credits from DPIE summer programs, which are 6 week accelerated crash courses, costing $1000. The lack of choice in academic courses is unfair, inequitable, and does not provide parity with neighboring school districts including San Ramon and Pleasanton. Many other districts accept courses from BYU, UC Scout and several other accredited institutions. These organizations provide a variety of UC a-g approved courses that are flexible in duration and more affordable than DPIE. By allowing choice, DUSD will recognize each student’s unique capabilities and needs, and allow them to chart their own path in their academic pursuits. 

Time is of the essence, with classes filling up fast, and deadlines approaching for spring and summer signups. PLEASE DO NOT FAIL THESE KIDS by delaying what has been requested for years, and by hundreds more families since summer. We urge DUSD to put their stated ideals of equity, fairness, and pursuit of educational excellence into practice, and give students the choice that they demanded in the forum conducted on November 2. They spoke in favor of having the choice to take non-DUSD courses, like their peers do in other districts. Listen to your students. Listen to your community, and do the right thing!

Parents and students - Please sign the petition to urge our district to approve this policy by December 15, 2020, without further delay.  The time for action is NOW.


Petition is organized by Voice of Dublin, a non-profit community organization, on behalf of DUSD Families.

Ganesan Ramu, Core Organizer and DUSD Parent


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Support now
Signatures: 1,384Next Goal: 1,500
Support now

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