Remove Bill Bryson booking system

Remove Bill Bryson booking system

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Started by Durham Student

The University’s decision to re-introduce a booking system for the Bill Bryson and Barker Research Library will have numerous negative effects on students, and is a disproportionate response to the current Covid situation.

  • It will have a negative impact on student mental health, adding pressure to degrees which are already demanding.
  • A maximum of 30 hours per week is fewer than many students would use in the library, averaging just over four hour per day.
  • The online booking system is taxing to use, and allows little flexibility. The need to re-book after four hours and move seats is impractical.
  • Seats in the Bill Bryson are highly variable and the system gives no choice.
  • The reasons for the University’s decision have not been clearly communicated.
  • The University’s definition of ‘essential’ is not clear and seems unreasonable given most parts of higher education were classed as ‘non-essential’ by the Government.
  • With very few other restrictions in place, the library policies will have little to no effect in stopping the spread of Covid. 
  • The decision represents the third academic year where restrictions have impacted student life, and this should be considered.
  • Students pay for unlimited access to Durham’s libraries. If it is not mandated by the Government for the University to restrict access to the library, students should be financially remunerated.
  • Students have highly variable working environments in their homes.

We want the University to take away this unnecessary system.

51 have signed. Let’s get to 100!