Inhumane Learning Conditions

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 When the weather reaches temperatures that we retreat to air conditioning to get away from, why are we sending our children to school in it? 

Imagine if when you went inside from a heat wave that reaches temperatures in the mid 30s and it was hotter inside. Now imagine sitting in a room with 25 other people with no air flow. Then sit there and LEARN! 

These poor children are forced to sit in temperatures in the high 30s for over 5 hours a day!  

It is horrible to see their red faces and matted sweaty hair walk out of the building with little to no energy. A lot complaining of headaches and dizziness. 

Im sure there is something that can be done to cool these schools down.  Cooling centres in the Libraries or gyms just aren’t cutting it!

Please sign this so I can petition the school board and potentially different government bodies. It’s time to take this issue into our own hands!