Suspend New Elvet Bridge Closure in Durham City

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Durham County Council have just announced (June 2020) that work on New Elvet Bridge will start on 20 July 2020, enforcing its closure. It is anticipated that the bridge will reopen in September 2021. This is a disruption to Durham City traffic of 14 months

Firstly, the council decision was made without any consultation with business owners in Durham City.

Secondly, following government enforced closure of the majority of businesses in Durham City due to the Coronavirus since March 2020, businesses are looking to gradually reopen their doors to clients as from July 2020 as restrictions are starting to ease. This recovery will be massively impacted/ made impossible by closing New Elvet Bridge in July 2020.    

Thirdly, Northumbria Water have been working on upgrading the sewer network in Old Elvet, Durham since September 2019, which has already led to significant road closure, diversions, road narrowing and suspended parking. This has led to disruption of local businesses, their owners and their clients for numerous months.

It is proposed that Durham County Council reconsider their decision and halt/delay the repairs and closure of New Elvet Bridge for a minimum of 8 months, to give local businesses a fighting chance to recover from the devastating effect of the coronavirus, and allow some revival of the local economy.