Postpone, NOT CANCEL, DCDSB's Grade 12 Prom!!

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Postpone, NOT CANCEL, DCDSB's grade 12 Prom!!

Today parents and students learned that the 2020 prom for students attending Durham Catholic Secondary Schools will be cancelled and not postponed. Notably, the 2020 graduates cannot attend a future celebratory prom.

We understand that the COVID-19 situation is unprecedented and that it is very difficult to make these decisions. However, prom celebration is important to both students and families. The students have anticipated this moment to celebrate as a class, and their family members have waited for this day as well. 

It's a place where we all hoped to reach throughout all their years of study. It's a time that students have looked forward to every moment as they reached their grad date.

We are asking you to please reconsider the cancellation and give the Spring 2020 graduates the celebration that they deserve and worked so hard towards. In any suitable time in the future, as they have worked so hard for this special day. 

The excuse given to the students was that "many of our students will have moved on to other post-secondary opportunities and with its own expectations and timelines". However, DCDSB is still holding graduation in October 2020, and so this excuse is flimsy. Additionally, cancelling prom due to some students potential absences leaves the majority of students without this once-in-a-lifetime memorable experience. Lastly, if funds are a concern, each student pays for their prom entry, and so prom can still be funded adequately. 

The students and parents are asking the relevant bodies to please consider postponing prom so our graduates can enjoy their farewell to high school.