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Stop the Screening of Harry Potter Inside Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral is a beautiful Norman Cathedral. Built in the 11th century as a shrine for St Cuthbert, it began as a Benedictine monastery and had for centuries served as a sacred place of worship and significant historical/cultural/political hotspot. This Cathedral, which contains the shrine and tomb of two of England's most beloved saints, venerated the world over, is about to host a screening of a Harry Potter film, which is (needless to say) totally antithetical to the purpose and essence of the place. This church, a site of pilgrimage for many over the centuries is about to embark on an new episode of self-desecration. If out of devotion to the saints, or an appreciation of the aesthetics of the place, or the history of a building which has made Durham the place it is today, please sign this petition now! If UNESCO won't protect this precious site of heritage, it's up to us. 

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