Duping of lakhs of people's hardworked money by fireboltt.

Duping of lakhs of people's hardworked money by fireboltt.

8 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Shivam verma

As of the era of technology we are getting dependent completely on technlogies. From  health monitoring to gifting someone on birthday as a special gift.

One of the brand "fireboltt" is on the top ranking in india in the rank of most purchased smartwatch, as their reaching heights they are also known for duping huge amount from their millions of customers as the "savex techonologies" the warehouse which supply the fireboltt products is delivering defective, refurbished, or fake products to their customers in replace of a brand new prepaid order. 

2. Neither after complaining they are responding to any of the tickets nor accepting calls from the customers, instead blacklisting them for ever. 

3. If by chance they agree to replace your product and your reverse pick up has been done of the prepaid order the replacement unit is never going to get dispatched or are never getting their way to the customers. 

4. They are neither refunding any amount against the product which never reached to the buyer. 

5. People are not receiving any replacement unit of the products they have already paid for. 

6. Lakhs of customers who were not aware of this have got duped of their hardworking money. 

7. The complaint section is full of the issue where customers never received the replacement product.

8. Help millions of people receive their duped amount. 

9. Run a campaign #banfraudfireboltt #boycottfireboltt on twitter

10. Strict action again the ceo mr. arnav kishore who is ignoring all this despite heavy uses of hastags against fireboltt and blocking the users who are standing againt the fraud. 

11. Lacs of people have already complained on the fireboltt complaint desk and lacs are campaigning on twitter but still the ceo is ignoring all this and has continues duping peoples. 

12. Twitter is seeing a new complaint tweet every hour or 30 mins. againtst the ceo and fireboltt but the ceo is busy ignoring all those tweets, and still on duping the peoples. 

Lakhs of people need your support regarding this issue against the mental harrasment and duping of money. We need your support to make people aware of the "fireboltt" & "savex technologies (noida)"'s fraud. 


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Signatures: 13Next Goal: 25
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