Latin in Duolingo!

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Hello, or as my Latin friends like to say, Salve! First off, let me say this. I know Latin is a "dead language" and that no one speaks it. But I would like to point out how Latin is useful in everyday life!
1. Many words from English (60%) come from Latin, and over two syllables, the percentage is almost 90%!
2. Latin is the base for all the Romance Languages; learning Latin will help you in the following studies: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian, and Catalan!
3. Latin is the base for all studies of science! Let us take a pine tree, and see the root. The Latin name for pine tree is pinus. It makes perfect sense! Now you say pine trees have been around for centuries, but this wouldn't effect new fields such as computer science. My friend, computer comes from the Latin word meaning "compute" or "calculate". This word is computatrum! This also applies for every science, medicine, biology, mathematics, etc!
There are many other reasons, but if you support this cause, you can find out yourself! Thank you so much, or
gratias tibi tam!