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Finnish course on duolingo

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Hello! I would like to have finnish course in duolingo.Finnish is not a Indo-european language but a Finno-ugric language like Hungarian, Estonian, Karelian, Livonian, etc.

There are many reasons why to learn Finnish but here are some examples.

1.You can learn more about the Finnish culture with understanding Finnish.

2.It will be easier for you to learn other Finno-ugric languages.

3.Finland is a country that has the highest number of lakes,It is the home of santa clause,The homecountry of many famous videogames like Angry birds, clash of clans and clash royale and they have a beautiful countryside.When you learn finnish you can learn more about this great country and their culture.They are usually very suprised when somebody has learned  their language or at least tries to.

Finnish may be a very difficult language for a indo-european language speaker with 15 grammatical cases and other things that are not very common in indo-european languages but it´s still one of the most requested language on duolingo.Let the dreams of the language learners be true with signing this petition.

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