Give Carolyn Chymko back her position

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Carolyn has done so much for the town of Dunnville, and also for Mudcat,  she has made it fun for everyone-- keeping every age group in mind.  Carolyn IS Mudcat to some of us.  I know I have brought a friend, and pointed her out as "The one who makes it all happen"  The parade has gotten to be so big,  the food vendors are great, and the fireworks are amazing! She works tirelessly, to make it a great turn out!

After it was announced that Carolyn was kicked off, it became obvious,  that the voting Members do not care about the feelings of the community  (and old bits of the community that LOVE coming back for Mudcat). Carolyn ja a great asset for Chamber of Commerce as she clearly has great organization skills to be able to pull off a great event,  every year. 

It's a sad day for Dunnville when a few people can vote for our entire town.   

Please reconsider your choice of voting her off Chamber of Commerce,  you're losing a great woman!