Reconsideration of Back-to-School Decision (Dunlap School Board)

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On July 29th, the Dunlap School Board had a special meeting to determine the back-to-school plan for this upcoming school due to the coronavirus pandemic. The vote, while not unanimous, was for returning to school, full time, 5 days a week. They are asking everything to go back to normal when nothing is normal about this situation. Any teacher, parent, or student can easily understand the risks that come with this ill-planned decision. This plan forces teachers to go back to school against their own will, as they have to make a living, and forces students to make a choice between their health and their quality of education. This plan would force teachers to extra work, with no hazard pay or compensation, the outsourcing of teachers, degrading the quality and reputation of education Dunlap is known for, and force some AP classes to be taught through a third-party platform and not Dunlap teachers. This plan is heavily flawed and not planned out. The other proposal that teachers and administrators had been working on for weeks was a condensed schedule allowing a mix of in-person and remote learning. Students would come to school from 8:30-12:00, only attending 3 or 4 classes through a block schedule, return home, and work remotely until their work is complete. This allows minimal exposure to the virus and allows the opportunity for teachers to focus on both in-person and full-remote learners. This proposal, which had a flushed out plan and the support of many teachers, parents, and students, was practically disregarded at that meeting. This proposal is clearly safer and decreases the risk of exposure for all parties involved.

Through this petition, we are asking the Dunlap School Board to reconsider their decision, as this decision clearly puts the lives of students, teachers, and all families at risk. We would like the school board to repeal this decision and implement the full-remote learning plan or the condensed plan, that ensures safety for all parties. While this request is coming from Dunlap students, we are fighting for Dunlap teachers and families as well.

We cannot return to a burning building while it is still on fire.