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Get Dunkin Donuts to offer a vegan donut!

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As the largest donut maker in the U.S., it would truly make a difference for the animals if Dunkin Donuts would offer just one flavor of donut that is vegan.  Millions of vegans would appreciate another fast option for breakfast and individuals who are intolerant (not allergic as there would likely still be cross-contamination issues) to dairy and/or eggs would also appreciate the availability of an option.  I chose to become vegan a little over 2 years ago because I no longer wanted to participate in the abuse, exploitation, or death of animals for my tastebuds.  It's very easy to be vegan these days as there are options for all types of vegan diets at restaurant chains, grocery stores, and fast food establishments.  Every vegan option means more animals lives spared.  We already love that Dunkin Donuts added almond milk to their menu; let's convince them to add a tasty treat to their menu as well!

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