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Dundee community care/safety claim back.

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For the last 10 + years. Residents all over Scotland have had to endure the noise and fear of speeding cars & motorbikes bombing up and down their street. Practically our children's playgrounds are turning into a drag strip of chance.

Almost every family has a story to tell of the wee dog / boy or girl who just never seen the SPEEDING vehicle before it hit them. Just like my youngest sons friends had suffered.

first the dog next door. It manages to escape from back garden and runs for the grass in the fronts. But a hit and run driver hitting 45/55 mph could not react in time and just keeps picking up pace. Leaving the dog Yelp and cry at the side of road only 10 feet away from his own garden. Dog now has 3 legs and a limited aria for movement. (Covered by local paper)

Second the girl a few houses up. Accompanying her mother to the ice cream van and helping pick sweets for her sister and brothers to enjoy. With ice cream van lit up and road clear she heads home with arms full of sweets, at the same time a newly qualified driver darts round the corner and plants foot down to pass the van just as the girl makes her way to her garden. BANG!!! Girl makes only 8 steps away from van window and is hit by the new drivers black car, sending girl flying past her garden and into the middle of the road some 15/20 feet away.  The speeding driver can't stop the car as it ploughs over the girls stomach and continues on for another 70/80 feet before it rests in the road.  Now the poor girl is left lying and screaming helpless with around another 5 to 7 kids in shock having watched every terrifying thump and hearing every sickening bone crunching impact.     Girl still suffers and needs more surgery for ongoing complications over a year on.

Third is one of the young witnesses of the girls impact. Just leaving primary school he jumps on bike and heads toward the long straight street home.  BUT at home time and with kids running home, a car finds him and hits him with a bang. He was hit hard to the head and managed to stay awake until an ambulance and paramedics get their.  5 months on and he suffers his first ever fit.

i could go on but wee all see or hear of this on our own doorstep every year and not as much as a 20 mph sign is put up or speed bump put down as the council don't have the budget for this. But they can afford to dig the local roads up (AGAIN) 

our kids should feel safe in or around the home and have no need to dive out the way of the motorbike teens who just done a quick run at 50 mph in a residential aria on the rear wheel.

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