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Dundee city council to sort out the Birkhill Cemetery!!!

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Myself and other parents have continuously complained about the unkempt conditions or mess/damage gardeners make in what we call the (forgotten corner)...there are meant to be rules in place regarding placing of items ie - fences etc outwith the headstone borders...there has also a height restriction in place with regards to the stone you can erect this also seems to be breached's beyond a joke now and although whenever a complaint is made they'll go up and talk the talk...but can never do the walk and like myself a lot of us actually regret having our angels put there to rest if we had known at the time how the council would allow the rules to constantly be broke and the constant damage being done by gardeners whether or not items are in or out of the headstone can only blame the wild life for so much?...there should also be a "dear fence erected instead of the pathetic fencing in place, this needs took in hand once and for all!!!...please note I am also well aware some parents were not advised of the fencing rules or the height restrictions and this is through no fault of their own and the issue isn't personally with any of these parents it's solely with the cemeteries department...add on there has been so many ppl now come forward about the main cemetery and things that need or aren't being done there that the petition is now changed to solely Birkhill Cemetery x

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