Create safe space for walking and cycling in Dundee

Create safe space for walking and cycling in Dundee

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We are calling on Dundee City Council to submit further bids to The Scottish Government's "Spaces for People" fund.

The fund provides 100% funding and support for temporary infrastructure, enabling active travel and social distancing by giving more space to pedestrians and cyclists. This can include temporary street closures, wider pavements, cycle routes and more. Dundee City Council has submitted successful bids to the fund to create 20mph zones, close Union Street to traffic and block some roads to through traffic. These are fantastic initial measures, and we encourage the Council to enact these rapidly.

However, there is far more that needs to be done - any future bids to the "Spaces for People" fund must ensure comprehensive coverage of Dundee. Whilst the measures proposed in the initial bid are very welcome, they do not include large areas of the city which are often forgotten when it comes to active travel. They also fail to link the city together to enable everyday journeys to be made by active travel.


We are therefore asking Dundee City Council to put in further bids to the "Spaces for People" fund to provide the following:

• The creation of an emergency transport plan, which should be publicly shared

• A temporary, city-wide cycling network using the multi-lane/wide roads where this will be most effective and simple to implement

• City-wide modal filters (bollards, planters etc. to stop through traffic but allow residential and emergency access) to create safe, low-traffic neighbourhoods

• Safe, secure cycle storage for households where bike storage is a barrier to cycling

• An audit of district shopping centres, local high streets and the city centre to ensure sufficient pavement widths to allow safe social distancing

• A solution to the problem of dangerous roads/pollution and congestion around schools during drop off/collection times

• An online consultation – preferably using “Commonplace” which seeks to make use of local knowledge to identify suitable additional locations for the above

• The acquisition of external assistance in delivering the above


We would also ask that clear, accountable timescales for delivery of the above are provided. The provision of city-wide measures will improve mental and physical health of citizens, quality of life, local economy and air quality in Dundee in both the short and long term. This is especially relevant as public transport capacity will be reduced to 10-25% of normal to allow social distancing. 42% of the households do not have access to a car in Dundee, and the tens of thousands of people who rely on public transport every day must be given a safe transport alternative.  Without a safe alternative, everyone that does have a car is far more likely to drive, meaning worse traffic and pollution than ever before.

With 100% funding and support available there is absolutely no reason for Dundee City Council not to make active travel a priority by submitting further bids to the fund. This would demonstrate their commitment to their declaration of the Climate Change Emergency and have profound positive effects on our community. 

We are asking Dundee City Council to act now for the good of all the citizens of Dundee - hopefully you agree and will help by signing!