Increase raids, police patrols & services in our community structured accountability in programs produce old for new keep records using serial numbers more needle disposal boxes educate local children

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Mick Murray MLA, Member for Collie-Preston, Western Australia

We as local parents surrounding local schools are opposed to known drug users living in a close proximity to our schools. We have found several needles on the oval at Wilson Park PS, and the surrounding area where our kids walk to and from school, We would like to see more done to remove known persons away from this area and/or to help limit the risk of further needles been found. We would like to see education classes in our schools for our children to be made aware of there surroundings, what to do if they come across illicit drugs and there paraphernalia. More disposal boxes in areas that are well known as dumping grounds for used needles, increase in raids and patrols on properties known to have such substances. A more structured accountability in needle exchange programs, we would like to see records kept in which when there is a needle found dumped they can be identified to a user by way of serial or batch numbers like they have for vaccines. We are urging you take in account that we are concerned parents with innocent children who are being exposed to blood borne diseases by misuse of drug paraphernalia. Drug users need to be made aware of the circumstances they are causing in our community by means of educating them even if this means they require attending classes to obtain sterile needles every so many weeks.

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