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They're unprecedented. The Attorney-General himself says he's "gone to the extreme" on these new laws. The LNP has pushed through legislation that will restrict all Queenslanders from speaking out on government policies.

And what’s worse the LNP tried to give themselves an obscenely large pay rise, including Campbell Newman who wanted to pay himself as much as the President of the United States.

At the same time as awarding themselves this pay rise, the LNP government legislated to crush your democratic freedoms.  They want to close down free speech in Queensland by:

- introducing extreme new laws to  make it practically impossible for workers to speak out on important workplace and community issues

- making it more difficult for Queenslanders to vote them out by requiring you to have photo ID on election day – harder for migrants, indigenous and elderly.

- removing current caps on political party donations so they can now legally be bought out by global corporations

- forcing trade unions that want to publicly campaign on important issues like workplace safety, privatisation or workers' compensation to be required to first call a referendum of their members.

Combined unions are running a  High Court challenge, however as we do that, the LNP are scrambling to give themselves a green light on privatisation of electricity, hospitals, schools, and public transport.

Please sign our petition today. Share the video. And help tell Campbell Newman to stop trying to silence Queenslanders with these "extreme" laws.

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Letter to
The Premier of Queensland Campbell Newman
The Attorney-General of Queensland Jarrod Bleijie
Dear Premier and Attorney-General,
I am concerned that your extreme laws restricting the rights of industrial organisations will stifle free speech in Queensland.

I believe these laws are simply designed to muzzle unions from speaking out on behalf of the community.

Unions campaign in the public arena on many important issues: workplace safety, pay and conditions, workers’ compensation, keeping essential services and privatisation.

Under your extreme new laws, unions must call a referendum of their many thousands of members each and every time they want to make concerted public comment about important issues.

Your laws increase red tape and regulation and will cost vast amounts of money for the right to public debate.

I urge you to dump this legislation and restore free speech in Queensland.

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