Keep E Skyline and Seven Bridges closed

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We are proposing keeping E Skyline Parkway and Seven Bridges blocked throughout the year. From the bird observatory to the lower parking lot on Seven Bridges road. This road is widely used by outdoor enthusiasts. Most that drive on this road are not using it for reasons to get anywhere but to race or leisure driving. There is an excessive amount of speeding and it is not safe for others walking, hiking, biking.
In a time of social distancing it also allows people to spread out while exercising and had been used for that exact purpose until it was opened. Many neighbors have already complained of either witnessing speeding cars or hearing them from their homes below Hawks Ridge. People are still able to access the trails and bridges by foot or bike from either end of where we are proposing the road stay blocked. To create an environment that encourages healthy living, spaces like E Skyline on Hawks ridge and 7 bridges should be kept closed to traffic.