Keep Quenchers at Wilson Gym!

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Adam Kershner
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Quenchers and its friendly, helpful staff, has been an integral part of the Duke Community for over two decades. Students frequently go to Quenchers to get fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy snacks, and protein shakes. One of the best parts about working out at Wilson is stopping by Quenchers for its massive variety of healthy foods, and because of this Quenchers is one of the most positively viewed eateries on campus. Aside from providing students with some of the healthiest foods on campus and fostering healthy habits, Quenchers has carved out an emotional niche, as students genuinely love the staff and culture it provides. Losing Quenchers would be an extremely heart-breaking event on campus due to the loss of a dedicated and beloved staff and healthy food options we rely on. The purpose of this petition is to show just how many people care enough to not let that happen.