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Stop Raising our Rates for Dirty Coal


North Carolina has some of the dirtiest air in the country, where Duke Energy operates 7 dirty coal-fired power plants. Every year coal plants poison our water and cause thousands of asthma attacks, heart attacks and even deaths. To pay for these dirty, old facilities, Duke Energy raises our rates. As of February 2012, residents will be paying even more out of our already strapped pockets and lead to undue hardship on our families. Here in North Carolina, we are paying for the true cost of coal with our health, our environment and our energy bills.

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Letter to
Duke Energy Jim Rodgers
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Duke Energy CEO Jim Rodgers.


I am a Duke Energy NC Ratepayer and I will not pay for dirty and dangerous energy. Duke should quit investing in coal and actually invest in the renewable technologies it claims to support. I want NC powered by local wind and solar energy that will employ thousands of North Carolinians.