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Petitioning Duke Energy CEO Jim Rodgers

Shut down the Beckjord Generating Station Immediately


The Beckjord Generating Station sits 20 miles east of Cincinnati, just across the Ohio River from Kentucky. Unfortunately, the plant is now owned by Duke Energy, headquartered out of state in Charlotte, North Carolina. These days, the plant is destroying the health of the residents of the Queen City at an alarming rate. This plant’s pollution kills one person every two and half days.

On July 15, 2011, Duke energy announced that it would be closing down the plant by 2015. While it’s encouraging that Duke has recognized that the writing is on the wall for this plant, they need to take seriously the health of Cincinnatians and accelerate its retirement.

In the meantime, this plant is churning out tons of airborne pollution and creating tons of solid waste in the form of toxic coal ash that it stores directly on the Ohio river, with significant potential to compromise the water quality.

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Letter to
Duke Energy CEO Jim Rodgers
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Duke Energy CEO Jim Rodgers.

Shut down the Beckjord Generating Station immediately

You have continually demanded federal action on global warming -- now it’s time for you to take the lead by shutting down the Beckjord Generating Station. Time and time again, the citizens around your coal facilities have had to bear the burden of your inaction. To protect the citizens of Ohio, shut down the Beckjord Generating Station immediately.


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