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Petitioning District Manager, Duke Energy Davis Montgomery and 9 others

Duke Energy, Asplundh, NC Ultilities Commission, Gov. Pat McCrory: Stop the egregious cutting of trees along transmission lines in Greensboro, NC

To preserve and respect the green spaces in our city.

Letter to
District Manager, Duke Energy Davis Montgomery
Cheif Executive Officer, Asplundh Scott M. Asplundh
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Jon Wellinghoff
and 7 others
Associate Forestry Specialist, Duke Energy Jason Combs
Senior Vice President and Chief Transmission Officer, Duke Energy Caren Anders
Asplundh Regional Office, Charlotte
NC Ultilities Commission
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Duke Energy James E. Rogers
NC Ultilities Commission Edward S. Finley, Jr.
North Carolina Governor
I am writing as a citizen of Greensboro, NC.

On March 25, 2013, Duke Energy began "trimming" trees along Wendover Avenue West, which runs alongside the Greensboro Arboretum, the gem of the Lindley Park neighborhood. I use the term "trimming" lightly because the desecration and careless decimation of countless trees is truly beyond words.

We citizens have been informed that this specific trimming is to maintain the "high transmission" power lines that run along this area, and that the maintenance of these lines is federally regulated.

Our City Council has been working tirelessly to draft an ordinance that will protect over-zealous trimming by Duke Energy/Asplundh and other contractors, on our residential streets; however such an ordinance will not protect the trees caught in the zone of these "high transmission" lines.

I plead with you to stand with us citizens to STOP this needless and senseless trimming. Help us to CHANGE the federal regulations that allow such mutilation of our green spaces. Work WITH local governments and citizens to establish guide lines and ordinances that best suit our unique city. There are conscientious and careful methods for trimming trees that preserve, rather than destroy. We urge you to adopt these methods, and require trained arborists to consult, train, and supervise cutting crews.

Mere words cannot adequately describe the disturbing and ugly scene that Duke Energy/Asplundh has left in the Greensboro Arboretum, and all around our city.

Again, I ask you to please put a STOP to this egregious and unnecessary trimming of trees.