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Ban Plastic Straws from Duke University's Campus

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According to the National Park's Service, 500 million plastic straws are used every day. Imagine filling the Duke chapel to the top with plastic straws every other day, and then having some left over. Even when disposed of in a trash can or garbage facility, plastic straws persist for hundreds of years and often find their way to the ocean via drainage systems and natural streams. Plastic straws can be mistaken for food, choking marine organisms and poisoning top predators with the accumulation of toxic compounds in their body. Humans consume many of these predators, such as tuna, and can be directly affected by the toxic buildup.

To help reduce plastic straw pollution and ensure a healthy future for our oceans, we are petitioning Duke Dining to stop providing plastic straws in Duke campus dining facilities and switch to more sustainable paper alternatives.

A plastic straw ban would both save vendors money and reduce waste without inconveniencing consumers. In taking these steps, Duke University would be a leader in sustainability for other universities across the world. We ask fellow students and activists to join us in banning plastic straws in order to create a more sustainable home and workplace.

Take the pledge to go plastic straw-free for the month of March!



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