Don't Damn The Macquarie.

Don't Damn The Macquarie.

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Mr Matt Kean MP (NSW Environment Minister) and

Why this petition matters

To the member for Dubbo Dugald Saunders MP, NSW Environment Minister Matthew Kean MP, and NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes MP:

We the undersigned call on you to act on our concerns about the proposed Macquarie River re regulating weir, that is planned to be built at Gin Gin (between Narromine and Warren) in the Central West of New South Wales. With radial gates 10m high, at full capacity the weir will create a destructive in channel dam over 30km long.

This enormous dam will stop natural river flows and pulses, and allow for further extraction of precious water from the already over allocated Macquarie River - denying water that naturally flows to the internationally significant Ramsar listed Macquarie Marshes. The Marshes have already reduced in size by two-thirds since the 1990s. This weir will be devastating for our remaining endangered native fish populations, and all the wildlife that relies on the natural pulses of a free running river. A registered Aboriginal heritage site will also be destroyed.

Downstream communities rely on small and medium flows coming down the river, keeping water supplies fresh, and aquifers topped up. The vital connection between the Macquarie and the Barwon Darling Rivers will be further compromised should this disastrous project go ahead. 

We say NO to this project that will, at the tax payer's expense, allow further extraction of water for the benefit of a lucky few.

Please replace the old Gin Gin weir at the same height it is - Don't Damn The Macquarie!

2,248 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!