shorts for campion

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St. Edmund Campion has a uniform, we understand this. Brampton is warm in the spring/ summer and we are unsure if the school understands this. Today, may 28th 2018 there is a heat advisory issued, it is supposed to feel like ABOUT 40º C. This poses a problem as students walk home, according to the school agenda students must be in full uniform while on school property, this conflicts with when students are released to walk home in full pants and jersey knit shirts. These uniform options are unreasonable with weather like this. Implementing a short option, even with restrictions or giving students the ability to have a dress down day when temperatures are projected to be over 35ºC would benefit both school and student, allowing the students to stay safe whilst not being penalized for doing so and allowing the school to focus on more pressing issues than students and their uniform pants. 

heat advisory proof:

an example of what the shorts could possibly look like is posted in the images section of the petition.