Crab Turtle: Mascot of Duelingbook

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For many years, Nekroz of Brionac has greeted fellow duelists on the Login Screen of the fanmade Yugioh website To be fair, he's a pretty good card, but us members of the Turtle Oath Brotherhood feel it is time for a changing of the guard. I, Troglyte, representing the Turtle Oath Brotherhood humbly request that the next Yugioh Monster to become the Login Screen Mascot is none other than the Lord of Duelingbook himself, the Glorious Crab Turtle.

Crab Turtle is beloved by many a duelist, and not just by myself and members of the Turtle Oath Brotherhood. His lore is rich and would be a welcome sight to those logging in, both young and old alike! He represents peace and harmony. Duelists may disagree on many things, but one thing they can all agree on is the lovable nature of Crab Turtle.

Crab Turtle is love, Crab Turtle is life! Follow the 7 Colored Fish and learn from its Infinite Wisdom! Beware the Hungry Burger, the Prince of Lies and Darkness.