Zf steering management Terminated 236 permanant engineer employees.without any notice.

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Prime minister must involve to solve the problem of 236 permanant employees who have responsibility of near about 1500 people that's vote you .

It's necessary to take action on management.

We make union of Engineers in company that company management not allowed ,it's our rights we can make union.

Management wants to dissolve the union by any pressure.

We continuosly in follow up with local political parties, but management not respond to them also .

We all are sitting in front of company gate every day request them to do work.

Management not allowed.

Management not appeared in front of labour commissioner ,when called & letter by commissioner.

Requested management accept our rights and give permission to do work at our place.

झेड एफ स्टिअरिंग गिअर इं लि
वढु बुद्रुक, कोरेगाव भीमा ,ता -शिरूर जि- पुणे या कंपनी व्यवस्थापनाने दि- २७/१०/२०१८ रोजी युनियन केली म्हणून सर्व २३६ कायमस्वरूपी कामगारांना खोटी चौकशी लावून बेकायदेशीररित्या बडतर्फ केले. तसेच १२ कामगारांना व ५ पदाधिकाऱ्यांना १ वर्षापूर्वी २७/१०/२०१७ रोजी कुठलेही कारण न देता निलंबित केले आहे. सदर प्रकरणात आपण तातडीने लक्ष घालुन कामगारांना न्याय मिळवुन द्यावा हि विनंती.