Fire the headteacher who banned teen drag act from school talent show

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Headteacher Michelle King has banned a talented young drag act from performing at his school talent show on the grounds that it is "not appropriate for young people to perform drag acts". This is despite the school supposedly promoting inclusivity and having the status of a specialist visual arts college.

The actions of this headteacher are contrary to everything that the role of a teacher should stand for in 2018. Young people of the LGBT* community need positive role models and a supportive environment, and young people outside of this community need to be taught to respect and tolerate their peers rather than discriminate against them.

Michelle King has shown herself very clearly to be an unsuitable person to be around impressionable young people, let alone the leader of a visual arts college. She has brought the town of Dudley into international disrepute with this story being picked up by media outlets around the world. She has lost the respect of the community she is supposed to serve and her position is now untenable.

We call on the responsible authorities above to terminate her employment with immediate effect.