Duck Park Pickleball Breezeway

Duck Park Pickleball Breezeway

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Why this petition matters

Started by Todd Johnson

Currently when the pickleball courts at Rancho Simi Community Park are full, players wait on the courts by the paddle rack, creating an unsafe condition and causing most incoming players to walk across all of the courts, interrupting play. 

We recommend the Rancho Simi Recreation and Parks Department implement the following changes for safety and continuity of play;

1. Reposition the paddle racks to the breezeway outside of the courts. 

2. Fold up halfway or remove the windscreens on the breezeway so people waiting can easily see when courts become available. 

3. Add a shade screen over the breezeway. 

4. Move the three foot wide gates currently between the sides of the courts to the openings at the end of the courts to prevent balls traveling between courts, and so people no longer put up their own temporary gates which are a tripping hazard. 

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91 have signed. Let’s get to 100!