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Keeping the Dublin School Board accountable

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We request the Dublin community come together to ensure Dublin Unified School District Board of Trustees ("Board") put our children's best interests at the forefront when making decisions about school facility needs. The decisions, or the lack thereof, on the part of the Board are disconcerting. For years now, the Dublin community vocalized the needs of their children with respect to school facilities, particularly a second high school on the East side of the city.

Movement on this front has been slow. And the movement made makes us nervous. The parcels of land under consideration are small; however, that does not mean the campus itself and the student population it serves should be limited. The discussion during public sessions thus far makes it sound as if the Board is pushing us into the "hybrid/satellite" option presented to the community in February 2016. The Dublin community opposed very strongly the "hybrid/satellite" option and we still do. The community will not benefit from a satellite high school in the long run. We need a second high school that can accommodate up to 2500 students, at the very least 2000 students. All the data points show our high school population will grow to 5000, possibly more. Why sell the community short by not building a properly sized second high school? And, why, after all of these years, is the Board not willing to put the second high school as a top priority? This is not in the best interests of our children.

We want to put a stop to the band-aid fixes. We do not need another campus full of portables because we are not planning accordingly. We want our Board to start thinking big picture. We want our Board to listen and to execute.

Your signature on this petition indicates your willingness to explore all possible options available to the community, up to and including recall if necessary, to keep this Board accountable - to keep the focus on providing the best for our children today and in the near future.

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