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Dublin need a 2nd high school hold 2500 students

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Hello all board members,

    We need a 2nd high school that can hold at least 2500 students to balance the Dublin as the long -term solution to our increasing demand from the school district.

    Lots of us worked so hard to come to Dublin for a better education for our children.  We paid Measures to stay in Dublin.  The measure H of $283 Million just passed and we are hoping for a better HS for our kids and a quality life for all the residents living in Dublin.

    If you are for 1500 HS, you are creating another unbalanced issue for Dublin city.  East side of Dublin with more high school students will have a small HS while the west side with much less high school students is going to have a very crowded HS.  This make the whole Dublin very unbalanced. 

    The traffic is unbalanced.  I have to mention again that the traffic on the west side will undoubtedly create safety issues for the students and community if we let the current situation continue.

    There are more problematic concerns in the education system with a HS of 1500. High school students from both sides are very likely to suffer from emotional depression and stress due to this crowdedness.  Some student from east side have to travel to west as a HS with 1500 capacity cannot hold all the middle school graduates from Fallon and Jordan Ranch K8. We still have new homes coming in the east side in the near future and we cannot imagine how a mini HS of 1500 can meet this increasing need. The current HS therefore will be much more overcrowded than it is now. Overcrowded HS can bring lots of stress to students as well. Parents and students from the entire Dublin will suffer from overcrowding issues endlessly.  So a HS of 1500 is by no means a viable solution.

   We believe that it is necessary to have a 2500 HS for the balance of school and life at Dublin. This belief is based on current data of student population from school district.




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