We Saved the Fever Trees. Now let’s ask the HSE to Reimagine the Fever Tree Grounds

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Thank you for visiting to help this campaign. Yesterday Kieran Rose, who raised this issue, got word that the HSE would withdraw the application and resubmit it without the tree felling.
We will still be opposing the use of this beautiful and poignant place for a car park. The Liberties has the least amount of green space per person in the city and virtually no long-lived trees. The HSE was seeking planning permission to tarmac an area of 600m2 and fell two sycamores in an area at the back of Bru Chaoimhin, the former Cork Street Fever Hospital on Dublin’s Cork Street. We still want to stop the car parking happening and ask the HSE to allow community access to this beautiful old place with its long-lived trees, peace and grass. In 2020 outdoor natural space is so vital to health and wellbeing. It is a life and sanity saver to be able to access nature in the city, and never more so than during a pandemic. We cannot allow our health authority to enable polluting methods of transport - 43 car extra parking spaces in a city area where air quality is already poor. We need more of these green spaces not fewer. Please add your voice to efforts to prevent the grounds of the Cork Street Fever Hospital and House of Recovery (to give it its full original name) from becoming a carpark and ask instead for it to become a community space and city amenity . A place of recovery.