Save Smithfield's Horseboy Mural

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AN BORD PLEANÁLA is set to rule this December on the decision of Dublin City Council to remove the artwork on the basis that it requires planning permission. The question of whether or not the artwork should remain has become a matter of contention due to the varying stances on the matter from that of the tenant, the landlord and DCC. 

If the landlord wishes for the artwork to be removed we respect that decision as it is ultimately their choice to make. However to the best of our knowledge the tenant had in fact received permission from the landlord at the time we painted this piece.DCC then retrospectively permitted the artwork, for which the landlord's permission is required. Curious. 

The situation is quite complex once the surface is scratched. Artwork removal is one thing, tenants rights is another. It might be an idea to take a look at the High Court case file. Curious and curiouser. 

Grey Area
2 years ago