Justice for Mabuya Family

Justice for Mabuya Family

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Bahlali base Dube! 

Dumelang! Sanibonani! Avuxeni! Nda! 

We have been impacted and know the community development that has been organised by Pastor Pinky and Nat Mabuya from God’s House Community Church opposite Shalom Manne Primary School at Cnr Maravane/Ngcobo/Poka Street. 

It is sad to say that as at today the 09th of September 2021 the 2 church leaders have been illegally evicted by individuals purporting to be the owners of the church. It is also suspect and surprising that this eviction took place during a lockdown period. 

The leaders of the church have greatly supported the community of Dube Village in a variety of community projects and our turn to help the family has arrived. 

Dube community members know how former Nazarene church was left desolate and deserted for many years to a point of becoming a haven for criminals.

The Dube community in partnership with the Mabuya family played a significant role in cleaning up the church and evicting the previous criminals who were occupying the church and it’s sad that the very community that has been caretaking this facility is not consulted about this illegal eviction process.

The community demands for all eviction processes to be halted to until the community has been consulted and engaged on the property matter.

As the community of Dube we also know how the 2 leaders have refurbished the church from its former dilapidated state to a place where our youth and community members could be developed alongside being taught the word of God. 

This illegal eviction occurred whilst the matter is currently contested in court and the church leaders are still relying and waiting on the court proceedings to settle the matter.

We appeal to the community of Dube to sign this petition to support the reinstatement of the Mabuya family back to the church to until the court announces way forward on the matter.

This petition will alert the court that the community is uncomfortable that the Mabuya family was illegally evicted before court processes were finalised. 

Your sharing of the petition after signing will be much appreciated. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!