Council Water Supply Connection To The Residental Homes In The Beni Area of Dubbo NSW 2830

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With our surrounding neighbours/area such as Richmond Estate, Peachville Road, Pinedale Road, Parts of Whitewood Road, Jaymark Road, Cassandra Road, and Firgrove all having access to council water supply we often ask why don't we!

Yes we may all have tanks but keeping these tanks filled with water is a very expensive activity with one water carter charging $400 for 30,000 litres which really doesn't last that long. Some of us have dams but most of them sit dry as the rainfall we receive is not enough to keep them filled. If any of the property owners don't have a bore they better have some money as its a long way down to find water. One resident has been told they are looking at $20,000 for a bore and the quality is poor in the area. Council tells us we have access to the water filling station at the start of Whitewood Road but to use this you need to have a vehicle or trailer that is capable of carrying at least a tonne of water plus the tank, pump, hose and connections which once again is a very high cost that many people can not afford let alone that we are being charged $1.33 more per kilolitre than people who have council water supply to their properties just to use the filling station service. 

We the residents would just like to have the ability to connect the council water supply to our properties just like the other residents around our area.