Keep our cruise ships visiting Akaroa

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Calling all operators and retail owners etc who really value the cruise ships continuing into Akaroa! The time to act is now. ID Tours Rep Debbie Summers has offered to personally forward any emails of support. We need signatures in support of our cruiseships continuing to visit Akaroa, no one says there needs to be 3 a day... but we need them to keep coming for the sake of the towns future! If you are a business owner, staff or resident of Akaroa we need you to get behind this campaign as currently only the negative voice from our village is being heard and they are the minority! We need personal emails which are being forwarded directly to the head of the cruiselines sent in from members of our community. The cruiseliners are taking the negative press coming out of Akaroa very seriously and Lyttleton is now taking bookings. The cruiseliners do not want to leave Akaroa as it is an amazing destination for their passengers and they need a reason to stay. So here is our chance! Please take the time to write a quick email explaining why you would love to see the ships continue to visit us. Send it to PLEASE sign this petition before it is too late.Our town would be a very sad and lonely place when businesses close their doors and the young people leave as there are no jobs.