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Bullying is a degrading and destructive thing that not only children and teens do to each other, but adults too. It is important to prevent bullying because it causes destruction to the victim and victims in ways no one can see, only the victim can feel. The effects of bullying can be devastating and long lasting. Its not simply a ''phase'' or ''kids just being kids'' it is WRONG! Bullying comes in many shapes and forms and all are harmful and painful. It is not only unjust to be the bully but it is unjust to just sit and think everythings going to get better and not do anything about it or completely ignore or avoid the situation. I, myself as many others have been bullied before and it is one of the most painful experiences imaginable, no matter what age you are it is extremely painful. I believe that if we continue to spread awareness of bullying and continue to educate the students on bullying that it will get better. I also believe that just one simple one time slap on the wrist or detention for a bully will not stop the problem. It is only going to make it worse. I believe if you were to support the students being bullied and stop making the victims voices unimportant or just thinking the problem will stop with a one time punishment will not help the situation. It'll only worsen it. If you do not stop someone from bullying what makes you think they will not continue in the future. School is the foundation of the future workplace and if you let bullies get away with bullying others, what makes you think that'll change in the future. What you teach now in the school will effect the way they behave and treat others not only now but in the workplace in the future. If you do not stop a bully now, they'll continue their mistreatment of people in the future. I believe if we come together and spread awareness of bullying and work together to prevent bullying. We will stop bullying and prevent future bullies and victims.

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