Half & full day programs are great, but utilize the Pre-K building for this program.

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Our community is torn due to the recent approval to add an additional full day Pre-K program to the agenda. A full day class was added during the 2017-2018 school year and operated within the Elementary building, following the same schedule as the other K-5 students. It has been noted that the students did not receive any more instruction than the half day children due to lunch, specials, and nap time.

It has come to our attention that adding a second full day program within the Elementary building could cause some space issues. Using the Elementary building may require building additional classrooms to accommodate the extra children. 

With that being said, this petition is to support full utilization of the Pre-K facility for any and all Pre-K related programs. As taxpayers and concerned parents, it seems more cost effective to update the existing Pre-K facility to accommodate the approval of a second program. Most importantly, we feel that the full day program would be more beneficial if it was run within an atmosphere geared around the minds of these young children.