D.E.A. and Government Causing Heroin Addiction

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This country has become a breeding ground for "Heroin" addiction.  The D.E.A. and U.S. Government have made it much harder for people in pain to obtain legal prescriptions for pain relieving drugs (opiates). They have pressured the American Medical Association and pharmacists to stop prescribing pain-killing medications, while leaving our borders open to the importation of illegal "Heroin."

People/patients have been limited or denied proper prescription medications for pain relief and have stupidly/insanely resorted to illegal "Heroin" for pain relief.

While we constantly hear of the numerous "Opiate" overdose deaths and occurrences, we are not being told the truth.  These overdose occurrences are almost exclusively the result of the use of "Heroin" and "Laced Heroin," and not as a result of prescribed pain medications.

If our Government wants to restrict the use of prescription opiates for pain relief, they must first eliminate the importation of cheap illegal "Heroin," making it harder for opiate users to resort to the much more dangerous form of Opiate addiction, "Heroin!"

Our government and even our President have started a war against "Opiates," for which Opiates are not the true culprit.  The true culprit is "Heroin!"

Please urge our Government and Medical Providers to ease the restrictions on prescription pain medications, at least until our borders are secured and access to the true menace, "Heroin," can be controlled or eliminated.

This can save the lives of many!