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Drug Abuse

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Why some people doing something wrong without thinking the consequence of their doing? Are they not afraid of what will happen to them? What kind of people they are? They are doing something bad that lead them to a negative life. Are they not thinking of that? Well, if they doing wrong things it will lead them also to a wrong and negative life.

Some teenagers or some people now a days is like making fun all day and all night. But, in a negative ways. They are doing all they want just to make their life better or make their selves but, in a negative way. They are making trouble with whatever who they want and whatever they are. Yes! They can do anything with DRUGS. They are using this for just only a happiness? They are so many ways to make their life HAPPIER than using this. At least this is a POSITIVE WAYS to make their selves HAPPIER than they think. They can do anything also in a positive ways. Just don't lose hope.

Let us all decide today that we will never abuse any drug. We should all stand together to fight against this massive problem.If the citizens are well educated in the homes, mass media and schools and religious institution, things might be put right.

Let us think what will happen in the near future if we are continue doing this kind of thing. This kind of bad habit we are doing. Doing this kind of thing will ruin our life, our future.


Watch this movie documentary video,

Coal was once said to run through the veins of pit villagers, but now, for many of the youngsters who live in former mining communities, it’s heroin. Gary Marsh has been in and out of prison for the past few years with drug problems, but dismayed at the collapse of the community he grew up in, his mum Donna is determined to fight the community decay, and get Gary clean.



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