Decision Maker Response

Supriya Sule’s response

Mar 18, 2020 — Dear Citizens, 

I support this petition started by 16-year-old, Bandana on, on the need to increase the expenditure on education to 10% of the Union Budget. 

I am also aware that education has only received 3.3% of the allocations in this year’s Union Budget, which is a drop from last year. There is a need to ensure that kids get quality and affordable education, which I believe is the first step for the development of our nation. During my past years in the Parliament as your representative, I spoke widely on the importance of education and introduced Private Member Bills extending the right to education to secondary (IX & X) and higher secondary (XI & XII) level, among others.

Education is critical to every girl’s future. It is important to work on core issues like school infrastructure, connectivity and accessibility of schools to children in rural areas of our country, through the facility of school busses and increasing the number of schools here. Such measures can go a long way in increasing access to quality education for girls in rural India.

Taking Bandana’s petition forward I will raise it with the Hon’ble Minister of Finance and Hon’ble Minister of Human Resource Development of the Union to ensure the Government hears the voice of young girls like Bandana.
Thank you,
Supriya Sule
Member of Parliament, Baramati